Vantage Pointes!

April 26, 2016



We are excited to announce a new series of blogs today! This week and every week after, we will feature "travel tips"! This feature will be entitled "Vantage Points"! Each Tuesday, we will give a little more insight on things to consider when booking your vacations. Each tip will be helpful whether or not you actually use our services, that of another travel agent, or booking on your own. Be sure to check back each and every Tuesday for more!


While getting ready for your travel plans, over the summer or holidays, be sure to have as many details regarding your trip as possible. Before you submit your plans to us, or go searching for your next getaway, be sure to jot down expected dates, how many people will be in your party, the number of rooms needed, the type of setting you'd like to be in, and your budget. These are important and cut down on most chances of just aimlessly searching the internet. 

Also, be sure to have most, if not all of, your deposit ready to pay. In the event you have flights included, that could lock-in your prices, without the chances of missing out on a great package deal. 


If you desire additional information regarding booking with us, be sure to contact us at

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