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July 27, 2015




      When I first began my business, I only focused on booking travel. Travel is something I'm good with. I have always found the best deals long before I decided to get paid for it. Pick a place, find deals, pay, and go....simple right? Not so right...

      As a travel agent, it's a lot more difficult to plan for others as you would yourself. There are some that just want you to find somewhere for them to go, some that want luxury but can only afford budget-friendly, and some that just can't make up their minds. Either way, I have to meet each client where they are. I have to find what it is you're looking for, for the price range you desire, and all the bells and whistles to go along. Sure, there are some that are unrealistic, but I try to satisfy them all. 

      I won't go into detail on any client, as that is not a nice thing to do, but I will speak on a general trip that I planned. So, a fellow agent and I, planned a singles cruise to the Bahamas. We picked a date, found the prices, held a few rooms, and announced that it was open to all. Everyone was excited and wanted to go. We had 1000 hits from day one and most weren't even single, go figure. People were calling to pay and finding roommates, or so they said. 



     Long story short, the cruise is in September, the final payment is this week, and we have a total of 10 people heading to the Bahamas. Sounds like an exciting group trip, right? Of 1000 people saying they were going, we received 1% of that. Granted, there are factors that may prevent some from going, but 10 out of 1000 goes to show people's level of commitment. 

     Either way, I will be enjoying myself. I will shop, eat, drink, and swim myself into a frenzy! 😁 I'm just as excited. Next years trip will be more of a success. Our clientele will be larger, more room for changes, and more commitment from those who say they will go. This was more of a rant than an informational post, but what is blogging for? 


Frustrated but satisfied


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