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November 15, 2015



With the holidays coming quickly, I'm sure we will encounter some strange situations during travel. You have traffic on the highway, 150 people on a 100 passenger bus, and that long security checkpoint at the airport. Then we have the delay of travel, be it broken down buses, oil changes and tuneup, or that plane coming from the mountains of Colorado.

Have you ever had a flight delay and wonder why? It seems flights are always delayed, on those days we're adamant about getting somewhere on time, right? Sometimes the delays are for safety precautions, and sometimes they can be downright silly. Kick back, relax, and pick the funniest, or most ridiculous reason.

Oftentimes, you hear that weather, too many planes on the runway, the switch of gates, and many other reasons for flight delays. What if the flight staff came over the loudspeaker and announced there was a poisonous spider or loose snake aboard? Those are just a couple of the reasons why a plane had delayed. Choose your fave and comment some reasons you've heard.

1. No vacant trees available...

A dog, who's potty schedule was off, couldn't hold it any longer. On an already 2 hour delayed flight, this puppy needed to release, but had nowhere to go. After boarding the plane, he could no longer hold it, and released in the aisle of the plane. That could definitely cause an issue, considering there's only one aisle, right? The plane had to land because of lack of cleaning supplies. Can you imagine a 7 hour delay, on an already 7 hour trip?

2. Pump it up..

A flight attendant, that was also a new mother, would delay flights in order to pump her mothers milk. She never had an issue announcing the real reason for the delay, and evidently the airline she worked for supported her decision.

3. Ant bed...

A plane from Mexico received an interesting yet unexpected package. Evidently, fire ants had snuggled into the ventilation system, and filled the plane once the air was turned on. Fun times, right?

4. Unanswered......prayers?

When you're afraid and can't express it, when you have nowhere to turn, you can rely on your faith and prayers to get you through. Well what happens when your prayer box delays a flight and brings out the bomb squad? That's what happened to a 17 year old, Jewish passenger in 2010. He carried a small set of black boxes, with scriptures in each, and set off many alarms in the airport.

5. His last straw...

Last, but definitely not least, a pilot fed up with his airline made a stand. We always hear why passengers, animals, and unforeseen circumstances cause delays, but never the safe. Well this pilot refused to fly until his special meal was delivered to him. Talk about hungry? Lol

It should be interesting to hear what's new this holiday. Let the delay games begin! Happy travels!

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