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October 1, 2015


Have you ever thought of using a travel consultant when booking a vacation? Did you feel they would overcharge you instead of saving you money? What are your hold ups on using an agent? This blog post is here to help you assist with making the choice.

First, let's discuss the differences in booking with a travel agent and booking on your own. For starters, you tell an agent the number of people, how many rooms, where you want to go, etc and sit back and wait for the excellent results. On your own, you have to continuously search for the best deals that may not be the "best" deals at all. It's very time consuming and takes away from the time that could be spent elsewhere.

Secondly, booking with an agent could result in additional add-ons at no cost to you. Resorts, local attractions, etc want to remain competitive. By offering additional services through agents, there would be more referrals, which in turn brings more consumers.

Think of your dream trip and all that you want it to entail. Would you like tours? Are excursions included in your package? Is the trip customized or is it a general package for anyone? Booking with an agent, will give you the advantage over the average consumer, when it comes to the exclusivity of your vacation.



Never underestimate the value of an agent, even for a quick getaway. You never know what maybe in store for you. Leave some comments below letting me know the hang ups and advantages you see with booking an agent vs booking alone. I'd love to hear answers. Thanks! Til next time... 

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