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June 20, 2017

With summer in mind, todays Vantage Pointe is with regards to the best beaches stateside. While there are some beautiful places to see with a passport, we definitely have some "world wonders" right here at home. Any beach lover can tell you, theres not one beach that is their favorite, as some have one thing to offer while others have another. The best waves, clearest waters, whitest sand, best seaside activities, and food are some of the reasons a beach can be ones favorite. 




Myrtle Beach

Lets start with Myrtle Beach! The coast of South Carolina has about 91 miles of beautiful beaches, upscale living, restaurants, shops, and more in this area. Exquisite dining and water parks are amongst the sought out adventures of the Myrtle Beach area. There is so much to explore from including Ripleys, Hollywood Wax Museum, Stand up paddleboarding and more!



West Palm Beach

The shoreline of West Palm Beach is highlighted by swaying palms, golden-hued sand, and the shimmering blue ocean. Keep an eye out for tortoises crawling out of the water since summer is their nesting season. There are many affordable sights and activities to do in the area. Segway tours, shopping, Norton museum of Art, and the Manatee Lagoon to name a few!




Cannon Beach

Far removed from the bustle of any city, Cannon Beach stretches along the cliffs of the Oregon coastline. Haystack Rock towers on the shoreline, waterfalls cascade onto the sand at Hug Point, and marine life peeks out at low tide which makes Cannon Beach one of the most beautiful places in the world. 


While we may seek a change of scenery to explore, some are looking for a place to break away from everything and relax. The hustle and bustle of the regular day is enough exploration to others. Whatever your choosing, a beach is most likely a place with a variety for all.


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