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July 6, 2017

Travel destinations and ideas



When we picture the perfect vacation, we picture beaches, food, excursions, romantic sunsets, nightlife, and mingling with the locals. This includes the perfect weather and the right amount of activities and time to explore, right?


We never want to show up to our dream vacation with rain in the forecast, everything closed due to cultural holidays, etc. Theres nothing like planning a vacation based on your birthday or off time, and if be ruined. This is where I come in and assist with the best times of year to plan your dream destinations. 


By no means does this mean you can't plan at any other time of year. There are tourist seasons and non-tourist seasons for all locations. If you prefer to not be around large crowds, by all means, plan the opposite of what you see here. It's taking a chance, but that's the chance loners and other travelers are willing to take. 


Let's discuss different regions and destinations based on months and seasons to visit, so we can get these dates together for your next vacation. 


December - February 


South America: This is high summer for the southern atmosphere. Take advantage by experiencing Brazil or Mashramani in Guyana!


Southeast Asia/India: Conditions are perfect for relaxations in the Maldives. Foodies can also enjoy delicious Chinese-Malay cuisine in Malaysia. 


Caribbean: The islands are hurricane free and the experience is bound to be fulfilling. For the adventurous traveler, try Costa Rica. If you're more of an upscale type of traveler, Turks and Caicos is a great option. 


March - May


Central America: With slightly more freedom, under educational and mission purposes, Cuba is the perfect place for a cultural experience. Rainy season hasn't started yet, and prices are favorable for a more frugal traveler. 


Europe: This is spring time for the area and everything is in full bloom. See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or roam the Andalusian hills. 


June - August


Africa: prime safari season is great for animal sightings. Head to see the great migration of the Serengeti. 


South Pacific: This is the absolute best time to see paradise in the French Polynesia. 



September - November


Europe: The Provence vineyards are popular around this time. High season is winding down and the temperatures are mellow. 


United States: Perfect time for road trips! The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the wine holiday in Napa and Sonoma Valleys are great sites for this time of year. 


If your passport is itching for stamps, and you can't wait to plan for the next adventure, I'd love to help you bring this to life. To take that extra step and find your right destination, check here

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