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October 19, 2017

Here are few tips that you may not be aware of when it comes to travel! (Travel expert approved)

The Flat Tire Rule


What should you do if you miss your flight? Travel experts say you should get to the airport as quickly as possible. You may be able to catch the next one without paying a fee. Some airlines have an unwritten policy called the “Flat Tire Rule,” in which they will allow late passengers to fly standby on the next flight without any additional payment being required. The rule is essentially an acknowledgement by the airlines that unavoidable things, such as flat tires or traffic accidents, do indeed occur, and that passengers who in good faith arrived late for their flight should not be faulted for such unexpected occurrences. be sure to check with the airline first!  


Decoy wallets/purses


If you travel to an area that is known to have pickpockets, you will want to have a decoy wallet, some cash, and a bunch of fake cards that you can afford to lose should you be required to part with your fake wallet. Be sure that your decoy wallet/purse is empty of anything that might contain sensitive information. 


Safety first....aid kit!!


Start with a standard, waterproof first aid kit. It will contain most of what you need, and its contents can easily be modified to meet the possibility of anything additional. Be sure to include items that may not be easily accessible while traveling. Essential items include: Aspirin, cold medicine, Tums, cough drops, bandages, activated charcoal pills, Neosporin, and Band-Aids. Speak to a TSA agent for assistance if your medical needs require more than what can be included in a personal first-aid kit. The security officers will often be reasonable regarding the particular medical needs of certain passengers. Check in advance!


Take the road less traveled for food...


Make sure to eat before visiting museums or historical sites to avoid paying for overpriced items. Bottled water in shops around tourist attractions charge up to double the price of a shop on a side street. Avoid places that have translated their menu into English, as there is a high chance that such restaurants cater to tourists. Wander a few blocks from a touristy area and you will see a drop in prices.

This list isn’t all inclusive, but just to get you started on your way! 




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