Why Cruises Are A Great Means To Travel

February 6, 2019

The world of cruising has been reinvented during the past decade. Diversity is the name of the game in the world of cruising. Cruise lines now attract all types of travelers and offer personalized experiences with each cruise ship. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a cruise for your next getaway.

Less Planning
Taking a vacation requires a lot of planning and coordinating. When you cruise, all of the planning will be done for you. Cruise lines offer a variety of planned itineraries. These itineraries detail arrival and departure times as well as excursions that fit with your personality and timeline. Each cruise ship also offers a variety of activities and entertainment on board, so all you need to do is pack your suitcase and your sunscreen. 

Multiple destinations
Take a river cruise on the Danube, or take a Transatlantic voyage to Europe. The world is your oyster with hundreds of cruises and destinations to choose. Best news is, you don’t have to figure out the accommodations and transportation. You can also save on airfare as cruise lines offer air-inclusive packages. While in each destination, excursions allow you to experience the culture of each city. Excursions may include homemade cheese making in Italy, tasting different vintages of wine at a 150-year-old vineyard on the hills of Tuscany, or exploring the world’s best museums with renowned tour guides leading the way.

Themed Cruises
Want to be more specific to your most-coveted interests? Most cruise lines offer uniquely themed cruises designed to focus on your passions and interests. Explore Europe’s world-famous brewing history on a beer themed river cruise. Jam out to your favorite bands on “Rock Boat”, a cruise that features two dozen rock bands, for example. There are endless options for every type of traveler.

Family Friendly
A cruise is the perfect getaway for families because there is something on-board for everyone. Whether it’s having a nice dinner with your family, or enjoying a relaxing spa day, cruise lines cater to all families. Most also offer day and night care services for children, where they can safely play games and sports while the grownups lounge by the bar or catch a romantic dinner alone.

World Class Food
Many cruise lines are known for their food. Most cruises even offer Michelin-starred restaurants and menus that are carefully curated by celebrity chefs like Jacques Pepin and Guy Fieri. If you are looking for something more casual, there are a variety of cafes, to-go stands, and formal sit-down dinners to choose from. Most of these options are already included in your fare. It’s a great way to try out something new as you enjoy your time on the ocean. 

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