Cuba....through the eyes of a travel family!

September 27, 2019


The whole gist of the trip, was to effectively manage to see the Cuban people, eat the Cuban food, explore the Cuban culture, and that’s exactly what we did......

The start of our journey began on a boat. We sailed for a few hours and made a pit stop in Key West! Key West was a short, but still adventurous stop. We got to the port and was advised we were on a military base. We were told not to take any pictures, the trolley was subject to search, and to make sure we have id for security purposes. We were offered a free bottle of water, and we were on our merry way.

Key West, is known for the famous key limes and for having the southern most point of the continental USA. Everything there has a lime flavor. Because they are harvested there, there was definitely a richer flavor of lime in everything. There are even stores that sell everything in a lime flavor - delicious I tell ya! LOL (see photos)


...but back to the matter at hand.


We make our way back to the boat, and continued our journey. Everyone is ready, excited, emotional, etc. We’re about to embark upon a journey, not everyone is afforded the opportunity to experience. As we know, Cuban travel is under strict rules and regulations.

The arrival was a momentous occasion. We cruised through a fortress, that prevents the entry of anyone, without the knowledge of the Cuban people. Although it isn’t necessarily an active fortress, it still maintains the entryway of the island. There’s one way in and out.

Once we disembarked, showed our passports and visas, exchanged our money, it was time to explore. Our first stop was a Cuban bar. The name escapes me at the moment, but it was a cute little eclectic space in an alley.



We met a local tour guide, rode in an old car to tour the areas, tried Cuban drinks, foods, and enjoyed some live Cuban music. Yes...we tried Cuban cigars and coffee as well. There’s so much rich history there. The people are beautiful. The land is full of culture and a yearn for more to learn what they have. The quaint little island still has its rich history and charm of the locals to experience.

If you’re ever afforded the opportunity, make sure you stop there! You won’t be disappointed(except for when it’s time to leave and come back).  





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Cuba....through the eyes of a travel family!

September 27, 2019

Plant-Based dining at Disney is coming!!🌱

September 25, 2019

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